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This bracelet is made from freshwater pearls and anchored by yellow citrine and blue lapis beads, both which are indigenous to Ukraine.  In addition, the signature Aniko “E” bead is made by a female jeweler in Ukraine, who just re-opened her operations after months of being closed due to the war.  Finally, the pearls and silver hematite discs (also indigenous to Ukraine) spell “Україна” in Ukrainian morse code.

In September 2022, the two person crew of Culture Quest went to Ukraine to meet with the artists, musicians, satirists, museum curators and others - people doing whatever they can to speak out against the war and to support their fellow Ukrainians. From major pop stars playing to tens of thousands of people in charity concerts around Europe and America, to playing for a handful of troops in the woods near the front lines to raise their spirits. Protest art getting out around the world via social media reminding the international community that the fight goes on in Ukraine, all the way to a woman painting beautiful traditional Ukrainian motifs on the battlements and roadblocks in and around Kyiv, turning something that is a brutal reminder of the war into something beautiful. It’s a story of resistance, of people doing whatever they can within their means to make a difference, and it’s about the fight for the survival of their culture.

This special “Support Ukraine” bracelet was given to several women during the filming of the show Culture Quest. I am now selling this bracelet to raise money towards the production of the Culture Quest Ukraine episode, which is scheduled to air in late December 2022 on PBS.

50% of sales from this bracelet will go towards the production of the Ukraine Culture Quest episode.

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