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Lava rock sparks the internal "fire" that provides the strength and courage to initiate change.

In 2019, I gave each of these women a lava rock bracelet with a personalized note that said "I want you to know that someone in the United States believes in what you are doing."

Today, the Fire Bracelet connects all who support the strong women and girls who have the "fire" to lead and inspire others to shape their own futures.

Lava Rock Fire Bracelet


A golden eagle huntress in Mongolia who showed courage by competing in a male dominated sport.


A group of "mermaids" in East Timor who are transforming traditional gender roles


A street artist who is inspiring women and girls to see their potential while advocating for fair treatment of women.

A special thank you to Ian Grant who hand-delivered the lava rock bracelets to the inspirational women above while filming his latest show Culture Quest.


Visit to learn more on how Ian is "using art, craftsmanship, and cultural events as a window into what's going on."

You can share your story about the inspirational women and girls in your life by sending  pictures to our Instagram site.  

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