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The Aniko Story

My curiosity to learn about other cultures started when I was adopted at an early age from South Korea and raised by an American family in Minnesota. 


My interest in other traditions continued into middle school by spending many summers at an international language camp, then high school and college through a study abroad programs, and finally in my professional life living in Europe and Southeast Asia.   These rich cultural experiences broadened my understanding about the different communities around the world – each filled with purpose and a sense of belonging.


My first-hand global experiences taught me that you do not need to speak the language to feel connected to the people you meet.  There are some core values that transcend cultural differences.


I created Aniko as a way to visually and tangibly connect people who share a common vision and sense of purpose.


Over the next year, I will be launching several bracelets to create awareness and to honor several special groups who are making a difference. 


I look forward to building the Aniko community with you.


With gratitude,

Mary Welsh

Founder, Aniko

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