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Our Community

Aniko strives to create awareness and honor several special groups who are making a difference. Below is the community of empowered, and amazing people supporting our efforts to make the world a kinder place. 

📍 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Three generations of fire connected through the Lava Rock Fire Bracelet. 


📍 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

A group of senior girls celebrate the end of their high school swim season with the Lava Rock Fire Bracelet at their banquet.

📍 Austin, Texas, USA

A mother and her two daughters share the Lava Rock Fire Bracelet.

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 12.31.24 PM.png

📍 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Girl Scouts River Valley recognized Kileyah Harris and Katherine Jones at their Changemakers event at the Minneapolis Depot. Aniko created a special bracelet for these two exceptionally inspiring girls whose extraordinary leadership and service motivate others to become Changemakers in their own communities.  Both girls also received a Lava Rock Fire Bracelet as they have the "internal fire" to lead and inspire others to shape their own futures! Congratulations Kileyah and Katherine!

📍 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

At the 2022 Girl Scouts River Valley Changemakers event, Troop 18793 was recognized for their diversity and engagement in the local community. Each Troop member received an Aniko Lava Rock Fire Bracelet to remind these kindergarten and 1st grade girls that they can shape their own futures!


You can share your support & participation of our growing community by sending pictures to our Instagram site.  

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