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The bracelet is made from freshwater pearls and anchored by yellow citrine and blue lapis beads, both which are indigenous to Ukraine. In addition, the signature Aniko “E” bead is made by a female jeweler in Ukraine, who just re-opened her operations after months of being closed due to the war. Finally, the pearls and silver hematite discs (also indigenous to Ukraine) spell “Україна” in Ukrainian morse code.


50% of the sale will go towards the production of the Ukraine Culture Quest episode, which is scheduled to air in late December 2022 on PBS.

Support Ukraine Bracelet

This bracelet will be available for sale on November 12, 2022. You can pre-order now so it is shipped right after the release.
  • Size Wrist Size (mm) Wrist Size (in)
    Extra Small 136-145 mm 5.35" - 5.71"
    Small 146-155 mm 5.75" - 6.10"
    Medium 156-165 mm 6.14" - 6.50"
    Large 166-175 mm 6.54" - 6.89"
    Extra Large 176-185 mm  6.93" - 7.28"


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